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As life can be daunting and full of learning it never hurts to hear another person's version of how to, if you want to, you might should or look at this way. For some reason I have a passion to help others. Not any person living has made it through life without needing someone's opinion other than ours. Although a Life Coach usually does not give directions on how to do something, on this blog I am using a different strategy, but hoping for the same results. Life Coaches ask questions and you give the answer. They do not tell you what to do. Nor, do I. I simply give some know answers to questions that have been raised somewhere, at some time and by someone.

          My strategy, and writing may change at times. This blog is self-help with positive living.

I am a Christian and love my Lord. I have studied behavior skills and have been in management and worked with varied personalities. I have a tendency to be really honest and believe that being honest with myself and others is key to good relationships.

I love writing and I keep learning new and important things. 

Linda Todd

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