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Living Your Life Consciously

There is nothing more profound than to write from the soul. My version of writing from the soul is when I open my computer and start keying in the words straight into the blog. No word document, no notepad, or anything else. Just start typing away. This is how I started this post, and today this post is  about Living Your Life Consciously.

Today and everyday most of us need encouragement to live one moment at a time. We need reminders of the good things we have in life, and we need to be reminded, to slow down. We often try to do the balancing act, get in a hurry to keep things moving in our life, and do not stop to look at the many wonders of our life. We forget to enjoy our moment's one at a time.This is our human existence and we do it every day.

I used to get up in the morning, and have my coffee as I dressed for work. It was my usual habit not to eat breakfast. I would get into my car; take the same old route to work, got to work, turned in and parked without even thinking about the drive. It was routine, it was the same old route. There were occasions I would take a little different route to work, but hardly ever. Each route was just about the same length of time, if no traffic problems and with the same views of other people on their way to work, making turns on different streets when necessary without even thinking about it, and finally reaching work. I did the same on my route home, unless I decided to visit a shop on the way home.

I lived my life unconsciously a loft of the time, not thinking about what I was actually doing, but probably something that I might need to do later or should have done the night before. Living in the presence, I probably did not. My mind was full of things that I wanted to accomplish, places I wanted to go, and often wondering what I could do to speed things up. Yes, I was in a hurry, and not taking advantage of the present position I was in at each moment in time. I was a dreamer, and had been all of my life, dreaming of something more. I doubt that I knew who I was, me, the person.

We can look at this in two fashions. As they say if you are not motivated to become more, have more or better yourself, you will not have more. On the other hand, if you are always seeking improved things, how can you enjoy what you have? How will you know what could have been where you were?

I now look back to those years and ponder. I begin to wonder exactly how it would have been if I had slowed down, taken the moment to the highest level possible, and tried being contented in the moment. I wonder if I could have accomplished more, by truly giving the moment more of my time, thought and lived consciously. This is where we conclude we may need to change our unconsciousness.

When you are young is the time to take the one moment that exist, and make it a moment to remember, instead of always reaching for something more. I am not telling you that I am loaded with regrets. However, yes, after thinking about some moves I made career wise, I cannot help but wonder how it would had I tried to be more satisfied where I was.

Example to my morning ritual of going to work: I should have mediated on more things spiritual, smiled at the nearby drivers, and taken notice of the trees, flowers, fine buildings and offered up a thank you that I woke up that day. I should have thought on my blessing instead of always trying to progress to something better. I should have taken the time after work to take more walks in God's creation, and visit someone who was lonely. I should have remembered that good things naturally come to those who wait patiently. I was in too much of a rush. However, I was not aggressive where I was, but I think I thought; something was waiting just for me. I was always in a hurry to do something "more."

When we let our minds think only of our work, our desired amount of money, our desire for a new home or all things tangible; we forget that in all essence, we only have one moment, the very moment we are in right now, right here.

Actually, all humans would live a more satisfied lifestyle if their thoughts were more on the intangible. Those things are:  "The intangible aspects of humans are those which are immaterial: soul, spirit, intellect, will, conscience, emotions, and personality, which God designed to exist beyond the physical." re: Compelling 

In other words, I believe we would all live much better if we focused more on the intangible, and lived in the moments we are in.

Yes, our family is important, their wellbeing, their need for love and affection. However, when we get to a place where we have not taken some moments to cherish the only moment we are promised, we can become parched needing a refreshing spring for our own vitality.

Here is the point:

We live unconsciously all the time. This is not something that does not exist. This is not a wild story or proclamation it is real. A life well lived is realizing that living our life consciously in each moment will bring about a happier, more satisfied life.

This is what a number of professionals have concluded. You can find one example here:  Transforming The Mind by Dr. Peter Shepherd.

Start today, living life with thoughts of the intangible, over the tangible.

Live in the moment,


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