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Can We Transform The Mind?

"When we pull back and get, for a moment, the "bird's eye" view of life, it reveals meanings that are ungraspable by the narrow focus on our usual worm's eye view." by: Colin Wilson

Have you ever had an experience when you had a moment of greater understanding, a knowing, when your consciousness seemed beyond your usual? When this happens, you are thinking with your whole-entire brain. The left-brain integrates with the right brain, (the feelings, and emotions) side and you have an increased energy flow between the two sides. This is thinking in a balanced way. This is what is called the New Age- a new level of maturity in mental development, an awakening.

If we learn how to arouse the whole brain, at will, our consciousness may be freely altered, to fulfill the task or situation at hand. This is like brainstorming a solution to a problem at work, or in our family or as with anything. When we have found a solution and no one else figured it out.” We did it." It felt so good. When we learn that, we have the capacity, we seem to feel full of good fortune and great possibilities. Actually, it is nothing out of the ordinary but essentially full consciousness and working at full efficiency. Nothing actually feels any better than to know we have accomplished something beyond the norm. It is empowering.

 When We Start To Learn About the Rules of Life

This started my research for some sound answers about our personal growth and why we resist help and how to improve our life in general. Therefore, I did a little digging.

Here are some facts

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You might be surprise that we should have learned so much of what we should put into practice long before now, by the age of seven.

The ability to inhibit personal impulses to abide by rules and the norm comprises a major developmental achievement. It is also a central component of moral development and referred to the conflicts that come from the moral duty and the desire as the problem of will.

In this same study; such will power poses a difficult challenge for young children who have not developed inhibitory control and who generally think of positive emotions as what feels good from their desire of fulfillment and negative emotions as caused by not getting what one wants; (oh, my...not just the babies).

The babies learn as they progress that you can also feel good from having obeyed the rules or having done things appropriately and they can feel negative emotions from breaking the rules. We know that feeling and we experience it on a very different level as we get older because the rules we break are a much greater severity to our human existence.

Can We Enhance Our Life to Something More?

Achieving Personal Enhancement

In one study, it said that we have learned disabilities, the ones that set boundaries to our action and knowing. It also confirms that we do not have to remain in our hereditary body-mind and by the condition of our childhood or culture. This is where the "power of will" kicks in when we have found a goal or something we want to do or must do to make things better ourselves. Our brain is made that it will adapt itself to the demands of our mind. Determination; if you will. For instance, the young mother who is alone to raise a child...she works, goes to school and gains a profession that saves her life and her child's. She finds the ability to do it all and make the grade at all odds.

When we are anger and depressed in destructive ways, it can be the results of negative or unbalanced inner-speech. This can be true without the individual being conscious of this process. For instance, if someone practices self-defeating behavior, and they are not doing things in the right perspective, even though common sense warns of the consequences. Why do smart people make such a mistake? This behavior keeps people from reaching their goals. It can include something as simple as holding a grudge or fear of losing something if they make a change in their life to do things differently.

In addition, these destructive ways and this self-defeating behavior can be from repressed feeling or emotions that we do not want to remember. It can be events from a childhood problem, or a time of trauma at any time prior to the present. When something has happened and we do not want to remember or feel that pain again. We have anger or depression for many different reasons, and sometimes we are angry with ourselves and we take it out on others without getting a grip of what we are doing.

We read from the experts that we do not use all of our brain; studies show that probably about 90% of the brain's capacity is not being utilized and it is closed down due to neurotic repression and the 10% left is likely to fall into a robotic state. We live our life patterns that are predictable on day-to-day matter and only respond semi-consciously when things attract our attention. One instance is when you got to work and do not even remember leaving home; or your got to work and do not remember which route you took. The unused 90% is susceptible to hypnotic influences and controlled by the environment and circumstances.

In other words, we need to wake up our full mind capacity.

Insight-A Higher Self

Dr. Peter Shepherd indicates that we can wake up our un-used brain, life, self, and become more. From his professional knowing, some of the material in this article is based upon. Dr. Shepherd states that man's nature is essentially spiritual; however, one cannot seek for spiritual things until you can distinguish the spiritual from this earthly world. In other words, we have to know who we are and understand ourselves and know why we act or do not act a certain way, and have a desire to grow and learn with our full capacity.

I wrote something recently that said we are more alike than we want to admit. Dr. Shepherd emphatically agrees in that, each person is unlike any other being that exists. Qualitatively different, and yet is subject to universal law, social and biological causes, and learned behavior that is common to all. This means action, describable and analyzable difficulties, illnesses and similarities of behavior that are discernibly "human."

While studying this particular part of living in an un-conscious state; I began to think about not having a full consciousness of my daily activities and what I am up to on a minute-to-minute basis. We muddle through life not knowing what our true potential is; even what we are doing, it is commonplace, and we repeat our day-to-day actions out of habit.

Living in the Present Moment

In so many words, we get into a rut of living our life, and stuck in the same old, same old. We go about on a job we have done for years and we do not have to think much because we have learned or memorized it so well. We quit thinking, growing, and becoming more; we become complacent. We do things automatically, because we have always done them this way and we continue, and therefore we do not grow into our full potential.

If we want to improve knowing ourselves and have knowledge of our higher self, and our higher abilities to do things better we must want to learn new ways to accomplish all the abilities we are born with. If we are to obtain a higher self we must first acquire qualities that we think we already have, but we deceive ourselves.

The Project- Become Your Highest Self

1. Lower Unconsciousness
2. Middle Unconsciousness
3. Higher Unconsciousness
4. Field of Consciousness
5. Conscious Self or "I"
6. Higher Self
7. Collective Unconscious

I have found this intriguing, I hope you have, and I find myself wanting to find that place of higher existence and profound ability to obtain everything meant for me to obtain. I believe that this could help any individual who wants to learn more about themselves and have the knowledge to persevere on the road to a more successful life.


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