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Seeking A Life Coach or Counseling Does Not Make A Person Weak

A Life Coach is standing by to help you up
Why is it often hard for an adult to seek Coaching Help, or counseling? Some have the idea that it makes them look like a weak person. The real reason is they want to fix things themselves, and then no one will know. Notice this states, some people. Coaching, counseling, or just someone who can give you an opportunity to talk, and listen to yourself, often cures many ills within one’s life. Seeking a Life Coach or counseling does not make a person weak.

Finding the right person to talk to is a sign of wisdom, and is a way to get relief for your inward confusion. Very often friends or family cannot be objective. They have their own ideas of what is good for you instead of letting you make your own wise decisions.

A Life Coach does not judge or condemn anyone they talk to, and for that matter, it is about you finding peace within your life. They do not judge, they are there to help you purge yourself of unwanted false beliefs, memories or self judgements. They can often help you see that you need to forgive yourself, and love yourself again. In fact, all humans at one time or the other has more than likely needed someone else to talk to besides family or friends.

The bigger picture is this; many people wait until the issues have broadened and gets to the state of needing professional treatment or psychology. When a person is confused about what they feel, it can often lead to depression, and sinking deeper into a state of fear or anxiety.

Life Coaching is not about telling someone how to feel or act, it is about the individual learning what is going on inside of him or her. Questions that start the individual to look within for their own answers.

This blog is a self-help Life Coaching blog. We do go into some of the ways we can change ourselves to think differently, broaden our view of ourselves, and learn to listen to our heart and soul.

All individuals have strengths, and weaknesses. It is our frame, and we can only change our weaknesses if we seek to know ourselves better, work on them, and change or built them into strengths.

This is a test of satisfaction within your life, family and career.

Get some place quite with a paper and pen, clear your mind, take a deep breath, and blow it out. After you feel a sense of calm, answer these questions.

1. Are you satisfied with your life?

2. Yes, or no, then why you are not, list the reasons?

3. Are you happy with you career?

4. Why are you happy with your career or why are you not happy with your career?

5. Are you happy with your family?

6. Why are you happy with family? List the reason and whom, why and where, or why you are not happy with family members.

7. Once you have listed the why you are happy reasons or why you are not, you should have answers to five very important aspects of your life.

If you have written why you are satisfied with your life, you have something to be grateful for. Then if you are not satisfied with your life and list the reasons, the why not's are what you need to work on the hardest. Same steps should be taken with the rest of the questions.

However, you should work on the why not's, one at a time, and not try to work on everything at once. Think out loud, the solutions are within you. If you cannot ask yourself tough questions, find someone who can.
Very often, when an individual tries to work things out within themselves, they sink into a false narrative that there are no solutions within their life. Their confusion, baffles their positive thinking. They begin to look at their past in a negative manner, and see no positives.  
There are always positives within anyone's life. You woke this morning, you are well, and have a great family. That in essence is a great accomplishment. Find those things to be grateful for, give thanks, and keep your mind on the positives.
The rest will come if you are truly seeking to become a better person from within.

Linda Todd

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