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The empowerment process in Life Coaching is dependent upon two things. One, empowerment indicates that power can change. If power cannot change, and if it is basic in positions or people, then empowerment is not possible.

Therefore, if power can change, then empowerment is possible. Two, this is the idea that empowerment is dependent upon expanding. This is our common experiences of power rather than how we think about power. We must learn in Life Coaching -Empowerment the two differences before we can have it.
Free definition

1. the giving or delegation of power or authority; authorization

2. the giving of an ability; enablement or permission

We think about power as the ability to make other do what we want them to, without it being their own desires or interest. We already know if we have been in Life Coaching for a while that often in the workplace, we can find some managers who do not know how to control their power. 

The latter is not productive empowerment in or out side of Life Coaching and is not a part of empowerment. If one views power in this manner, then it appears unchanging or not changeable. Power exists within the context of a relationship between people or things. Power is not isolated or is it inherent in individuals. Since power is created in relationships, power and power relationships can change. This is when in Life Coaching - Empowerment becomes a significant perception.

Often when we think of the word power, we think of control or authority. The government has power...the IRS has power and yes they are dominating. In this study of Life Coaching and Empowerment, we will not focus only on these kinds of power, as it will limit our ability to understand the true concept of empowerment. In individuals, when we think we are so powerful over other individuals or trying to get power at another person’s expense, this will cut us off from power.

In a general since here we are looking at Empowerment as a multi-dimensional social process that helps people gain control over their own lives; not someone else. This is the power or capacity to act upon issues that they feel as important.

An example:  When Sarah Palin became John McCain's Vice President Candidate, she was unknown to all. Even though she had some success under her belt in Alaska, no one in most of America knew about it. Even though the party did not win the election, Ms. Palin drew droves of people's respect and admiration because of her ability to be instinctive, genuine, and plain old, "just herself." From this prospective, she was without hypocrisy and people love it, not only her physical beauty. She has had a lot of criticism also. However, other people's opinion of her, gave her the empowerment to expand her life into other directions. Her power changed, it became wider, more valuable, and popular. Everyone has his or her own opinion, but this brought empowerment into this woman’s life, who is now a millionaire, seemingly without much effort.

This empowerment, which Sarah Palin took, control of, is it concisely. She saw the chance to play upon her attributes and qualities, and she went with them. Update: We have watched and it appears with several projects; her power has change as of 05-2016. She is no longer a contributor of Fox News, or other projects on television. The naysayers also grew, and most of us know how that goes. This is how power and empowerment can change life for anyone. **We cannot speak for her self-empowerment or all of her endeavors. 

Empowered From Within

This is how it works when empowerment comes from within. Those who are opposed to her power are within themselves wishing for this power, which they do not have. It will be astounding to watch as she goes forward.

In short; with Life Coaching and Empowerment is then the "process by which individuals and groups gain power, access to resources and control over their own lives.  In doing this, they gain the ability to achieve their highest personal and collective aspirations and goals" (Robbins, Chatterjee, & Canda, 1998, p. 91).

People who are empowered recognize and identify their own strengths and the strengths of others and this is also in relations to Emotional Intelligence.  To be successful or empowered; one must realize that being Empowered does not give them the ability to stand above others in a dominating way. This is truly not Empowerment. 

Power can sometimes not be good for some individuals as they forget where they came from and want to dominate the scene. They forget that with and in Life Coaching and Empowerment; one must stay humble. They must stay thoughtful of others and it stands true that real empowerment of an individual depends upon that individual’s ability understand, what empowerment really is.

Get empowered....don't wait on anyone!

Linda Todd

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