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Anger Management Series

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What is the ugly truth about the emotion that we often have which gives us so much trouble? Anger is that emotion and our mission is to show how this emotion can and often gets out of control and needs anger management.
Some humans have a switch that only need a little punch at a certain time, with certain issues and reasons. They can go into orbit like a cyclone, while others do not flaunt this emotion and take it within but puffing up and going silent.
A certain amount of anger is normal, even the Bible states “anger and sin not.” It also goes on to say; “do not let the sun go down upon your wrath.” So how do we go from here? What is anger, when is anger too much, too often, and too frequent, what causes it and why. What are some solutions? How do we get control and live in balance? 
In this series of Anger Management, we hope to address how anger affects our emotional well-being, our health, mentality, and the dangerous of uncontrolled anger that needs some anger management.
Anger can monopolize a person’s life with frustrations that are not profitable to any human. It is like love; love within boundaries, with the correct formulation and the right individual is bliss. It can also get out of control when it is not the right person, the right formulation and without boundaries.

What does the word formulation mean: The putting together of components in appropriate relationships, or structures, according to a formula. 

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What is Anger?
Anger is one of those emotions that can bring intense actions and fury which can in some individuals become uncontrollable. While it is a normal emotion, it can entail an embattled situation very quickly if there is no control. Anger or wrath is an emotional response.
 One writer of anger management, described anger as a pressure cooker: “we only apply pressure against our anger for a certain amount of time until it explodes.” William DeFoore.
 Psychologist has determined that anger is an emotional experience that even mature individual have at some time and it is a survival function. Fight or Flight is often the expression of anger. 

What Anger Encounters
When an individual reacts to something that stirs his or her anger profusely, it is normally determined; someone has crossed a line and a fury becomes ignited. The encounter is never pleasant for the person receiving the outrage. If a boundary is broker per the angry person, they feel justified.

The Sad Truth about Anger
Anger can and does affect even a healthy individual’s health, physically and mentally. It can raise their blood pressure; it will make your heart race, make you nervous, and shake. The adrenaline gets moving, and it is evident someone has lost their cool. Anger can cause a person to lose control of what they are doing and saying. The latter is when anger has taken over the common sense of an individual, and is in dire need of transformation. 

Is There Ever Justification for Anger
While anger is considered a normal emotion, it is never justified to take it too the state of uncontrolled. Nothing is resolved in conflict with words out of control. The listener or the person lashing out will benefit. To come to a valid conclusion about anything, there needs to be calm and resolve. 
This task is hard when a person has taken a blow that stirs their very existence. I.e. A young person is in a car accident with a young man who was driving under the influence of alcohol and too fast. The parent wants to blame, scream, and rage. Normal emotion as fear has taken control of the parent. Fear of the child’s death, anger because the young man caused this with his behavior. Still self-control will lead to more clarification, understand, solutions, and healing will come more quickly.    
No one is winning when anger is elevated to the level of in-coherency. 

Stay tuned for more… 

Linda Todd

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