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Self-Love -Self Forgiveness

Grab yourself some self-love and let us talk about learning to love and forgive yourself.

Here Are Some Facts

  • Do you love yourself?

Fact:  If you do not love yourself, no one else is going to either. It is a necessity to love, and respect that which is within you. It is something special, you are the only one who has it, and you must love yourself.

  • Why do you not love yourself, if that is the case, and why are you telling yourself you are unlovable?

Fact: You were made in the image of true love, the truest love there is. Remember yourself as a little bitty baby. Innocent, dependent, adored, beautifully made. You were lovable then, you are lovable now.

If you really think that no one on earth loves you, you must remember that the God, who made you, loved you then, loves you now, and will always love you.

*I choose to use the greatness of God in my work and writing. It is your choice to believe or not to believe, but this is what I know for sure, and is facts. You may need to check with your spiritual self also.

  • Who has told you, you are unlovable? YOU?

Fact: It is normal to look at ourselves and see the flaws. It is good to see if we are lining up with the values that we profess to have. We should often take a closer look at who we are becoming....becoming...

While this is all true, we cannot measure ourselves after any other individual, nor hate ourselves for making mistakes. Nor, should we listen to someone who has no idea who they are, and most definitely do not know us.

Mistakes are inevitable in this life; we misjudge people, situations, and life itself often. Therefore, until we are done, we will need to take a step back, try to make right what is wrong, overcome our mistakes and deficiencies one-step at a time.

We often have people in our life that bring us down. No one wants to admit having misread another person and need to let him or her go. It is common to think we deserve what we are handed. It is by their injection of false stories that we grow to believe after time that which brings us to the conclusion that we are actually unlovable.

To get back to real life and the love one deserves, it is time to let the negative go so that one can realize their own true worth, and love.

  • Are you dwelling on your mistakes and deficiencies? Are you angry, and letting your emotions get the best of you?

Fact: The mistakes and deficiencies are learning tools to make us stronger individuals. They teach what is important and what is not. We are unique, and there is only one just judge. Review the good things you have done for others, your accomplishments, and what has made you happy throughout your life. More than likely the good outweighs the bad. Think on those things.

  • Are you trying to fit into someone else’s pattern?

Fact: You simply cannot do that. Be yourself, be authentic, be conscious, be aware, be enthused about life, be real, be knowledgeable, be balanced, be happy, and “be you."

  • Are you living in a sub-conscious world believing your past life with all of its mistakes are unforgivable?
Fact:  Forgiveness comes with knowing that no one is perfect. You have probably never been through anything that someone else has not been through, mistakes, sins, bad decisions, wrong friends, habits that could kill and much more.
Here is the key; only you can change your life into something great, something new, and greater than it was before. Change comes from within, no other person can make you change, the desire and strength comes from you.
Forgiveness is essential, it is essential for your well-being and until you forgive yourself, you will not find total love for yourself. You need self-forgiveness.

If you are always debating with yourself and speaking negatively about all aspects of your life and something is haunting you:
  • Fact: Then it is probably time for you to join up with a Life Coach who can help you sort out those things you cannot seem to clear your mind of. That person will ask questions, and you will find, or see the answers.

If you are telling yourself, it is too late, you cannot make the grade ever in life:
  • Fact: It is never too late to start over, begin again, or just pick up where you are, and re-arrange your path.

Look at yourself as the person you want to be, and be that person. You can and will eventually become who you want to be.

Love and forgive yourself!

Linda Todd

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