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What Are You Giving Up To?

Nothing to give up to!!!!
Many years ago I had been in one of those times that I simply had tried everything to get back on top of things within my life.  It seemed the peacefulness of my life was a bit low.  If you were to ask me what exactly the issue was at that time, I simply do not remember.  I only remember what was said to me when I said, "I feel like giving up."

My friend did not say she was sorry for me, she did not agree with my self inflicted wound or pity me.  Neither did she act as though I did not deserve my feelings.  But her words have stuck with me through out the years, and they simply were these profound words; "What are you giving up to?"

No, of course I could not answer her question.  In fact, I had not thought about it in that manner or contemplated what I was giving up to.  It was only a figure of speech, and it was a disenchanted way to feel.

That was neither the first time nor the last in my life that I have had those thoughts, but I do not voice what my thoughts are.  I am cured from vocalizing "I feel like giving up."

With the above thoughts in mind, let's think about a life without times or thoughts that nothing is working out to our advantage, so we feel sorry for ourselves, and feel like giving up. Instead of living just for today, we are trying to live the future. There is just too much in between today and tomorrow. Here we will simply again ask the question; what is there to give up to?

Absolutely nothing! 

The rose withers, the petals fall off, but the roots stay in tact!


We can look at this in another concept, and say that we are giving up on making ourselves crazy about an issue we cannot control, by putting it to bed.  We could also say that we are giving up our efforts to help another person who can't be helped, (and this does happen), but we can never give up our efforts to make our own life more peaceful, consistent and happy.

It is hard to say, but sometimes this means that we do have to take the initiative to let go of things and people who are dragging us down.  To remain sane, useful and productive, we cannot always, or forever look out for those humans who cannot develop the need to change their life.


We know that our life matters, as does all life.  But, we also know that no one or nothing can drag you down if you do not allow it, and that can mean letting go.  Getting your fight back after a fall is not always easy.  It  can be very difficult.  But, the bottom line is you are going to live until God gets ready for you to die, therefore you might as well get a grip and hold on to your life with whatever your inner being has left. Stop dwelling on the negative and concentrate on the good, the good you have inside of you.

Sound harsh?  I hope not, but sometimes we must get mad to fight for what we know is ours to have.  When we lose hope, we plump.  This is when we need to take a look around us at others who appear to have lost their way.  We do not and must not lose our way.

What is out there in our life to give up to?  Think about those words, give yourself an answer and move on.  If you can answer that question any better than I have, please let me know.  Not any person who has faith in God, a love for life, the knowledge that all things work to the good of those you believe, wants to give up to nothing!!!!


Linda Todd


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