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Life Coaching- Starting Today No Procrastination

 In this session of Life Coaching; Starting Today- No Procrastination is acceptable to fully enjoy life as it should be for all.  When we put the brakes on, for whatever reason, we are missing out on more accomplishments.

First we should know that every accomplishment is not going to be perfect. Believe that, accept it and know that you are human. There is nothing wrong with a person who does not get everything right the first time, not many people do. It is only by trial and error that we sometimes succeed and that is just part of any life. If we accomplished everything we started without any delay or struggle, we would not know how to sympathize with others or know how to work with problems and stumbling blocks.

Procrastination is something that occurs when we start thinking about something we need to do. We put off what seems harder to do, and start thinking of multiple other things instead of doing what we really need to do.  Or, not do anything at all, and then when we must get the hard thing done, we are full of anxiety, stress and anticipation because we have to get it done stat. It amounts to putting something off that we have assumed in our mind, will be too tough to get done, or too costly. It is now, not really as important as we once thought it was, and sometimes just can't make ourselves do it. The issues which we procrastinate about, can sometimes be detrimental to our survival.

Let's use the example of getting the car fixed. It just so happens that there are several things wrong with the vehicle, savings are short and other thing seem to be more important. In our mind that is.  The brakes need shoes, the tire is wobbling, the window is not going up and down, the air conditioner is blowing cold air on one side, and it is winter time. The cost is predicted in ones head, instead of the appropriate mechanic, air conditioning expert, or person who can give the accurate estimate. If this is put off too long, the car could become a danger to travel in, and the issues grow instead of being eliminated. 

Now, we realize that most people know that these issues should be taken care of, and they should have been when they occurred. However, not all individuals have sufficient money on hand to do these kinds of things. (Another article about preparation for a rainy day).Yet, it would probably cost more in this final described state, than if the brakes had been fixed, before tire began to wobble as the tire wore, due to the brake condition.

One must identify the cause of procrastination in their own life. What makes one person procrastinate, may not be the same for another, as we are all different, and are challenged differently.  It can possible be only in one area of our life that we procrastinate. We usually do not hesitate to eat our food which gives us nourishment. We would be better off if we applied the same knowledge to  other issues.

Getting things done well and with quality results can be complicated by putting it off  which hinders the final results. What ever the problem is, we should identify it, work on it and resolve it. Fear, negative thinking, believing it will go away, or just simply not being able to put the best foot forward, are some of the causes of procrastination.

It may not be the car needs repairs, it can be that we need repair or maintenance. Meaning we may need to take a closer look at ourselves, our motivation and our ability to act when necessary. For instance take a course to become more proficient in our work. Study to get a job we would enjoy getting up to go to in the mornings.

Those things which hinder our improvement, physically, mentally, or socially, should be taken care of right on the spot. If it is a fixed asset, liability, or is tangible - in-tangible, these also should be dealt with immediately.

Starting today, we should do the right thing, no procrastination. That is what Life Coaching is about. It can help us see ways to improve what we might be lacking, or that which needs more constructive behavior.

It is often hard to put things into prospective, and decide that we will work with each issue in our life and really deal with it. It is easier to conquer if we tackle our life things as they form. This is so that we do not get into the state of being bogged down, depressed, full of anxiety and confused.

 Notice the two pictures below. We should try to stand like a mountain, firm, strong and without
wavering, yet flow like water, constantly, with calm and resolve.

Stand Like a Mountain

Flow Like Water

When we put things off until the last minute, we stand the risk of not being able to finish it properly and with quality. So if one has a essay to write, there must be research first, it must not be copied material, and it must be thoughts and  facts which prove it to be true. When one is in a rush, they cannot focus properly, they become full of anxiety, fear and insecurity. The fear freezes the potential for the job to be finished timely, and it will not be quality material if jumbled in a non-constructive written format.

In Life Coaching today we learn that life is full of things we need to do on a daily basis. Yes, we must prioritize that which is most important, but not procrastinate when something seems too difficult. Procrastination is a bad can make us become inactive, keep us from being productive, and we become unfulfilled in our accomplishments.

In our goal for a better life, we should make sure we do not get procrastination mixed up with constructive thinking before making decisions. They are two separate things and we should not make rash decisions or do something spontaneous without appropriate thought of the consequences.

Starting Today- No Procrastination is wise if we are to live our life in harmony and balance, and remember in our Life Coaching, this is part of life responsibilities.

Linda Todd


Mary said...

Many struggle with procrastination and it is indeed a great hindrance to achievement. We need to abandon our excuses and do each day what is necessary.

Linda said...

Mary, thank you for coming by and commenting on procrastination. I appreciate the visit and the the words. Excuse...oh, how many do we have, sometimes and they only hinder us.

Thank you again,

Carol said...

WOW! It's really an awesome article.It is always good reading your posts as I often pick up something valuable out of it. Your insightful thoughts are very impressive. Thanks for sharing with us.

Linda said...

Carol, Well, thank you so much for the kind thoughts and coming here to read and comment. I appreciate it so much. I love to write and love to try and encourage others.

liposculpture guide said...

Procrastination can be very destructive and also can make you unlikable too! There are many ways to deal with procrastination. Any way, I like this article. Thanks!!

Bella said...

This has been a very significant blog indeed. I've acquired a lot of helpful information from your article. Thank you for sharing such relevant topic with us.

Linda said...

Bella, I appreciate the kind words and you visit to this blog. I hope to help some soul.

Call Poland said...

This has been a very significant blog indeed. I've acquired a lot of helpful information from your article. Thank you for sharing such relevant topic with us.

Linda said...

thank you Call Poland for your words and visit. I appreciate it and hope that you will join me again.


Rita said...

I agree with everything that was discussed here. I've learned such valuable information that you have shared with us in this article. I shall be bookmarking your post for future references. Thanks!

Linda said...

Rita thanks for the nice comment. I appreciate you coming by to read.

Michael Anthony said...

I had a life coach for a few months. It was one of the best experiences of my life, but also one of the costliest. It was like five hundred a month with a minimum of a three month contract. Well worth the money, but there's no way I could keep at it. If I had the money, a life coach would be one of the first things I'd allow myself.

Linda said...

Michael, first thank you for coming here to read and comment. Secondly, not all Life Coaches are that expensive. I think it is also something one should consider if they cannot handle change, growth, habits etc. by themselves.

Humaun@Life Coach Life Coaching said...

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Thanks for giving a good advice.

Linda said...

Humaun@Life Coaching

Thank you for stopping by to read and comment.

Positive Thoughts said...

See the power of positive thinking within you. God bless you

Linda said...

Thank you Positive Thoughts for coming by here to read and comment. I appreciate it so very much.

Thank you again

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Life tips said...

How do you help people that you know to see that they procrastinate? How do you get them to realize?

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Patricia, promotional products said...

Procrastination is such a bad habit and it needs to be broken as soon as possible. It prohibits you from moving forward and excelling.

Linda said...

I appreciate that you have taken the time to come here to my blog about Life Coaching. We all need to hear sometimes how others have survived their experiences.

Thank you

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Linda said...

Life Coaching...I took a visit to your website/blog. It is wonderful and I appreciate you stopping here to read and comment.

Thank you,