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Life Coaching -Getting Yourself Motivated

You are the only person who can motivate you, so here we are going to talk about Getting Yourself Motivated.  There are questions we need to ask and of course answers you will need to search your heart for honestly.

If you are an individual who is not motivated in your work, family, or any part of your life, you are missing out on life its self. It may be time to sit down and see what is wrong with life in general. You may have a problem that needs immediate attention. When nothing about your life gives you pleasure or motivation, you are existing, not living. Motivation is part of success in all aspects of life, and success takes work.

We will discuss our work motivation:

Have you ever been around someone who always seemed like they were on top of the world and loved doing whatever they were doing?  These are the people who have obviously, in some part of their life decided that they would get themselves motivated.  It might not have been in life coaching - that they became motivated, however they decided at some point in their life,  life would be better with a positive and motivated outlook.

We know from being around people at work and other public places that a person who has motivation is easy to spot.  For instance, when you enter a department store you will find the motivated sales person who meets you with a smile and a "may I help you?"  If you say no, normally sometimes later, they will check on you again, just to make sure.  The unmotivated sales person sometimes doesn't even offer a hello, much less a "may I help you?"  Why the difference?  Either the unmotivated person is unhappy with their job and needs a lot of  "Getting Yourself Motivated" session or a new job.  The person who greets you and continues to offer help is not only looking out for his/her pay check but, also, you the customer.

The boss or leader of a group of people can't get a team motivated if they themselves are not motivated.  If the leader drag in late every morning, have 10 cups of coffee, stay on the telephone and avoid the team member; they also need a class of getting yourself motivated.  Smart women make ideal leaders. You can read that here.

Plain and simply, to get any job done right; someone must be motivated.  If the boss isn't motivated; he/she cannot expect the team to do as I say do.  It will not happen, because they will do as they see the boss do....just as little as they can get by with.

Being motivated is probably in a sense a learned skill just like anything else.  Some people indicate that they do what they do, because they have to, whether they like it or not.  They hate their job, they hate working with the people they work with; they even sometimes hate themselves; which makes them officially unhappy in their life.  Life shouldn't be lived by this method. We should love what we do, we should like the people we work with, but sometimes it is not the people anyway, it is us.  If we are not into what we are doing, job, career, stay at home mom or whatever the daily life is; it will become boring and eventually we could get ourselves into a depressed state of doing what we hate.

In Life Coaching; it is believed that one should find what makes them want to get up in the morning, every morning and tackle it with glee.

How to Get Yourself Motivated

How to get yourself motivated depends upon your nature. You must decide what is missing or incomplete, or if you are just at a point of needing change.  If you have not spent years educating yourself in a certain field or career, it is highly unlikely you can change careers and progress as quickly.  This is when (unless you can educate yourself and work also) you might want to somehow seek,  a way to get yourself motivated where you are. Otherwise, you could be changing something that could cost you more in the long run.

It usually takes some time in any career to advance to the stage of increased earnings and being totally satisfied and secure in any position, even with years of training and education.  But, there are times when it is better to stop doing what is making you unhappy and unmotivated, rather than continue and make life miserable for yourself and everyone else as well.

As the old saying goes, one must "shape up or ship out" to be truly successful.   Most cases shaping up can get us back to where we need to be. It will send the message to others that we like what we do and are motivated to change what needs to be changed. Coaching cannot help you love your job or whatever it is that you do.  It can help give you guidance in the right direction.  But, here is some pointers of what may be needed:

  • Look at the pros and cons of what you are doing, what is working and not working.
  • List the concerns you have that may need to be addressed with your superiors.
  • Try doing things differently, if possible and try to feel motivated. 
  • Start thinking in a different light, changing the negative to positive.
  • If those around you are negative, maybe you need to lead by example.
  • Always remember that every job has its plus and minuses.   
We also must realize that most everyone gets a little bored at times and we then need to pinch ourselves and wake up.

Linda Todd


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tarryn said...

I completely agree, the most important in my opinion is to always look at everything with a open mind

Linda said...

tarryn, thank you for coming here to read and comment. I appreciate your added words of the open mind. It is so true.

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