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Life Coaching - Forgetting Yesterday

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In today's lesson; Life Coaching - Forgetting Yesterday, we need to remind ourselves that yesterday is gone; flat out gone, and it will not be back again. Usually!  If what left yesterday comes back; let's hope it is to your best advantage.  It is up to us to forget yesterday, the loss, and those precious memories and keep on moving.  Move on to what; my life ruined and I don't want anything but what I had; I will never have it again, poor me.... blah, blah, blah.....

Does that sound familiar?  My bet is that it is an untrue statement; unless of course that person does not want to go on living period.  In Life Coaching- Forgetting Yesterday;  we want to review how we hold the memories that give our soul courage and how we let go of the ones which "hold us back."

There is no fun being made here of loss of any kind; because even though loss is a part of life..we still must travel on and not let our losses overcome our gains.  That is what Life Coaching and Forgetting Yesterday is about.

What does feeling sorry for ourselves do?  Nothing but, put us in the dumps and sometimes into despair with deep feelings of rejection, and then depression.  It doesn't matter if it is heartbreak, job loss, friend loss, puppy loss, or someone we love that left because God said it was really doesn't matter.  As long as we are living we must go on and face today with new grace and courage.  On to where; is absolutely up to the person who feels that forgetting yesterday's loss is out of the question, and just too important to let go of.   No Life Coach, friend or foe can tell you it is easy, but it is doable, with time and patience.  It is a time to review who we are again and spring forth a whole new person.  It can happen.

Life Coaching - the spouse that leaves:
This is not intended to seem insensitive and uncaring. In any loss there is a certain amount of self blame, self evaluation and feeling of insufficiency and embarrassment.  This is especially true when it concerns one spouse leaving and there are children to raise, feed and clothe; without any warning.  There is sympathy and care; there is a knowing that this is probably one of the most difficult times in any one's life.  It is a fearful time, a time of trying to figure out what went wrong, when did it start downhill, what you did wrong, what you did right, how you loved and no one seemed to care.  There are questions galore and the mind is in a tailspin.  Can't sleep, can't eat, nothing seems important, nothing seems worth trying to go on...for; just trying to make it "one day at a time."  Repeat after me;  Just for today, I will be happy. 

These feelings and conditions are relatively common for most individuals who have loved someone very deeply.  There is really no hurt like this but.....time does heal all things.  It take time and sometimes; a lot of it, but what will help in enduring this, is to get a mindset that first of all; this almost assuredly had nothing to do with you.  You may have done everything right. We come out better though by realizing that most of us are lacking in something and this is probably the most appropriate way to become better as we move along. No one is perfect; we all get into a rut without even trying to but, nevertheless; it probably was not anything you did or didn't do.  You must find your own peace again and it can be done.

When someone decides to leave; they want to make excuses and blame, but it is never the real reason. It is usually pressure from the other party; if there is another party and if you stand back and wait you will more than likely see that the move is something they will one day in the future....regret.  There are just too many instances where this very thing as happened; but all too late it becomes clear they made a terrible mistake.
 Life Coaching - when someone dies:

Not all yesterday's are to be forgotten; we want to cherish some of these memories and remember them as being part of what shaped our life into what it is. Be it family, friends and dearly beloved. That is why it is important to share and enjoy the important people in our lives and make sure they always know that we love them; not just on occasions but all the time.  When loss comes by the death of a loved one; it can be some of the same feelings, depending upon who and why.  It has been said that loss by death is much easier to face than a living loss.  That might be true to a certain extent.

Death is something we have no control over;  living loss makes us feel like we might could have changed things; if we had knows, by something we could have done differently or something we did not do. We sometimes look back and wish we had taken more time to let these people we lose; know they were special.  It doesn't take but a few minutes to phone and ask someone, if their day is going well.  We must remember to not have regrets; we must act as if today is our last day. A hug, a smile, a thank you, a bowl of soup and sometimes just a short conversation is all that is needed to warm some soul.  At any rate; when we lose someone by death; it still brings us sadness but these good memories we want to keep to be comforted with when nothing else seems to work.

Life Coaching - the decline of Material Riches

When we lose material things; it can also bring feeling of defeat; which is another word for failure in our mind; but this is when we should have courage enough to realize that though we have lost something that makes our life better; we still have something better than a lot of other humans do not.  A job loss can be quite devastating.  With our economy today, it is really a big thing to lose your job.  What one can do is try to improve their technical skills, their emotional skills and keep telling themselves; that this too shall pass...and it will. Usually when our material wealth is lost if we are searching for answers; we can find out that there are many, many things which are far more important than Material Wealth.

Learn to flow like water

Life Coaching Skills to Overcome:
  • remember first you must forgive and you shall be forgiven
  • remember that you are not by yourself; there are others who are in the same boat
  • remember that you can make it through one day at a time by getting up in the morning with a mindset that it will be a good day
  • remember that you do not have to change who you are; only the things you think needs changing
  • remember that we all have back sets sometimes and want to cry; it is okay, just cry
  • remember you can change another person; only yourself
  • remember you have a source of strength; keep feed that strength by thinking positive thoughts about yourself and other
  • do not blame yourself; forget about blaming anyone and just try to move forward
  • another person can only control you; if you let them, do not give them that power over you
  • no one is infallible; it okay to drift occasionally
  • give yourself a pat on the bad, you deserve it
  • do something special; a hair cut, a massage, do exercise, get a facial or your nails done
  • don't feel sorry for yourself
  • do not allow yourself to have too much time to think about yesterday
  • read a book, any book
  • learn something new
  • get someone to talk to that will listen without getting bored and talking about it to someone else
  • keep your debts paid on time; very important
  • believe in yourself, trust your inner gut
  • tell someone you love them
  • give another soul a hug; they might need it worse than you
  • keep in touch with old friends you haven't talked to in awhile
  • don't forget to pray, meditate or whatever your form of feeding your soul is
  • stand tall, hold your shoulders back and walk like you are wroth more money than Bill Gates has
  • learn something new, apply for a promotion, sharpen up your skills, be an excellent employee
  • do not just think that yesterday is gone; know it

Remember David and the giant

  Life Coaching - Forgetting Yesterday Summary:

We are all worth millions; see yourself as being worthy.  Know that even the sun burns if you get too much and that you must decorate your own soul and not wait for anyone to bring you flowers.  You have the ability to move forward with grace and dignity.  You and only you control your today....You can do it and that is what Life Coaching - Forgetting Yesterday is about.


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