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Success is What You Believe It Is

Life Coaching - Success is What You Believe It is

It is common for us as humans to get confused in our efforts to understand what success really is and it is only when we realize that success is what you believe it is, do we find contentment in what we are doing.  It is not what someone else thinks is best for us; it is our own goals, ambitions and desires which makes our own plan worth following.

No one can make something really successful unless it is their desire, their aspirations and their choices.  Can you imagine trying to build a sales business of selling something that you have no desire to sell?  For instance, your dad was the greatest sales person with a lot of financial success.  He was a person who enjoyed working in the field, approaching people daily, and making conversation was his expertise.  You, on the other hand; are more laid back, prefer to sit behind a desk, shuffle papers, put reports together and prepare the budget for the company.  Finance is your thing, you love dealing with numbers more than talking someone into buying something.  Why would you opt for trying to follow in your dad's footsteps just for the sake of respecting his wishes?

What is wrong with that picture, some might say?  After all the dad was successful in making lots of money and taking care of his family.  He has lived an above average life and has sufficient retirement.  Why would they not want to follow his footsteps and try for the same success?  Nothing is wrong with the picture, if one is certain these are their aspirations and desires. 

Questions to ask oneself:

  • Do you have the qualities that your dad had for getting people to close a sale?
  • Does it excite you to confront people with a cold call? 
  • Do you have a knowledge of the product you are going to sell and is it something you believe in? 
  • Do you see yourself succeeding as your father did? 
  • Are you excited about his aspirations or yours? 
  • Are you sure this is your choice?

When we examine our motives for making decisions about our life's work; it is important that we fully understand that if we follow someone else, it is then up to us to accept the consequences if things turn out differently than planned.  It is important to respect our parents and others who have influenced our life, but on the same note; it is equally important to respect our own abilities, desires and dreams.  When we understand that we cannot ever measure our own success by what someone else has done; we then understand that the road leading there must be built by us, and us alone.

Following in someone's footsteps is not all bad, if it makes you happy, fulfills your dreams and brings you satisfaction and contentment.  There are plenty of family businesses which have been followed in my family member and yes, they received the satisfaction and success they needed.  But there are also times when it would have been better to make a break from the family. Taking a turn in another direction which could bring about more individuality, personal achievements and effort to bring out the talent that just might be a little different than the family business. This is something which sometimes is only achieved by making a break and determining that your aspirations are what feels like success to you, and will take you to a higher consciousness of what success really is.

With that said, in life  -Success is What You Believe It Is.  It can't be another's dream for you.  If one cannot feel the sense of being continuous, complete and happy to get to work each day; something is wrong.  Following our own dreams sometimes is hard to do and finding what we need to do it to make it happen. You must L O V E what you do, to be a success.  Most successful people will tell you they love what they do. They find job, contentment and can't wait until Monday arrives to continue in their plan for greatness.

Sometimes a person cannot go immediately to their fulfilling job for various reasons, finances, or circumstances which are beyond their control. When these times occur one has to make the best of the situation at hand, plan, be patient, and dream awhile to get where they need to be. But when deciding our life's work in our plan for success; we should not make the mistake of doing what makes others pleased and happy.

It is our life, our path, our journey and our end results that leads us to where we feel most useful, fulfilled, complete and happy.  If you do not know that success is what you believe it is; you just might miss the boat; your B O A T to success.

Linda Todd
Footnote:  As always this is only one side of the story.  It is not always wrong to follow family footsteps,, but again, it is important to make sure you can live with that choice and believe you can find your own success within what has already been built.


Feeling Good said...

This is so true- we are what we think and one person's success is not the same to someone else.

It is important to clarify one's own goals and build a firm foundation of self belief.

The field of cognitive therapy has simple, workable answers for those who slip into self- denying thought patterns.

Linda said...

Feeling Good; thank you so much for stopping by to read and comment. It is true that we each have our own true success. Thanks again.

highland mills mover said...

Thanks for your post. Very true, though it's easy to get caught up in other people's definitions of success.

Linda said...

You are right in that we should not dwell on other people's definitions of success. We must know what is our own and seek for those things which we know are right for us. Thank you for stopping by to read and comment.

Sunny James said...

Hi Linda
this is Sunny James from Pennsylvania
This is so true you, you have to follow your own heart and believe in yourself for this one powerful action will open the door to help you get what your heart desires.

thank you for
your expertise on this
Sunny James

Linda said...

Thank you Sunny James for stopping by to read and comment. Thank you for your kind words. I really appreciate your visit.