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Life Coaching - Completeness- How do We Reach it?

  these kinds of things are most valuable

We often hear others describe the awareness of completeness in their life or their yearn for the feeling of being complete, and this brings me to the question.  Completeness;  How Do We Reach it?

 A lot of times we yearn for those things which really are a little far fetched.  Sometimes we already have what we yearn for and do not realize it and then again,  we want what we can't have and thereby feel incomplete.   If we were to take the times to consider exactly what we are wishing for and ponder our most felt desires; we might find that bliss lies somewhere beneath all the outside things.  We then may have the answer to our questions.

"You have everything you need for "complete" peace and total happiness right now."  by Dr. Wayne Dyer

Let me just say here and now that I respect his writing and his bold portrayal of the fact that we are what we think. I have read lots of his books and I have heard him speak on television.  I wish I had his in depth knowledge,  however, here you can find my humble thoughts.

Complete:  from the dictionary thesaurus it is described as total and not lacking.  All, entire, exhaustive, full, thorough, accomplished, finished, WHOLE and PERFECT... there are more if you want to check....

Let me ask another important question, right here and right now... do you feel that you are all or any of the above, at this moment and do you expect to ever feel these feelings.....completely?  Should you feel these feelings completely?

Let me give you my own personal perception of  Completeness-

How Do We Reach it? 

Feelings are awareness, an idea, an impression of what we have of something.  As with anything else in life, we are all different in how we feel, not only how we act.  Our feelings of completeness are perceived the same way as everything else. We each have a different level of feeling compensating or of feeling gratification.  We each see differently when reviewing what is most valued in life.  Is there different levels of feeling complete?  Again, it depends upon the individual not many individuals. 

One individual may feel total fulfillment from being blessed to live in America. (Especially someone who has lived in a country where they were not free).  Another may find total bliss from having good health, a good job, an excellent salary, and a wonderful family.  Someone else may think that having money and lots of it and expensive things, brings completeness and makes them feel "valuable."

Most of us should feel more complete than what we do. Why, by simply looking at how fortunate we are compared to some person who lives under the bridge with no food to eat and sufficient clothing to wear. We forget and think we are so above such beggary. We seem to be looking for something magnificent that will blow us away and send us to our highest level of notoriety.  Are we satisfied with the simple things?  I think not.  We are constantly longing for more, bigger, better, and perfect things.

Sometimes, some of us want a perfect marriage, a perfect family, a perfect house, a large perfect bank account and a perfect life.  Without all these things.....we feel incomplete and a failure. 

"The feeling of completeness, contentment and finding pleasures from our life; comes from being satisfied from within. "

This is not anything that you haven't heard before; it is not new, it is old, but nevertheless it is a reminder that we sometimes need again.  If you aren't complete, full, whole, satisfied, accomplished, or feel entire within your soul or within will not feel complete... the outside "things" which we possess does not make us complete;  it is the satisfying of the soul.

I am reminded of a book by Norman Vincent Peal which quoted the following:

"Man might possess everything tangible in the world and yet not be happy (or complete), for happiness (or completeness) is the satisfying of the soul, not of the mind or body." 

by William George Jordan

Linda Todd

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