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Life Coach-Knowing When We Need To Change

In Life Coaching - it is never too late to Change

We all have them.  What you might ask?  A time, when we should have Known We Needed To Change.  Is it ever too late to change?  No, never!  It is better late, than never and in fact change is a discernible aspect of life that tell people we are in tune to who we are.  It is a wonderful thing to see we need change and then progress to making it happen. 

"It is inevitable that most humans have a need for change in some interim, some phase or some point of their life." 

We are born beautiful babies, we grow into wandering teenagers, become adventurous young adults and when we arrive at full adulthood, sometimes we have developed habits and ways that give us a need to change.  It is common to all and we all experience life thing that help us develop precarious, imprudent and recalcitrant behaviors which can and will cause our present and our future harm if not corrected and changed.   

What is Knowing When we Need to "Change" exactly?  Does this mean that we are bad?  Absolutely not,  do not let the word confuse you. Change is simply:  "something made differently."  Alteration, addition, advancement, correction, revolution, development, transformation  , and many other words per the dictionary.

Most in touch individuals who want to succeed in life are looking for ways to become more productive individuals and are not afraid to try and transform themselves in ways to get what they need or want to progress as a human being.  They do not let the judgement of others stand in the way, and they realize that it is up to each individual to take a look at themselves and their life, for their life's sake and for their future.

 We are constantly growing into being different individuals each day (one way or the other) we are on this good green earth. We either make positive changes with each day or we continue possibly down an unrewarding pathway. We either learn from our life actions which may not be profitable to us; or we keep doing the same things over and over again.  We do not stay the same, day after day, after day.  Well, at least we are not suppose to.  This means simply that with each day we should be learning and growing as an individual and hopefully for the betterment of our own soul.  Staying the same always may sound like it is the right path to take (if we are not harming ourselves or anyone else).  My question would simply be;  are you where you want to be at this life stage, and if you are not, what do you need to change to progress further? Fear can make one stagnant.

Example:  Jane (not a real person; although like so many people) is a decent person and a nice looking woman, she has not thought about herself this way but, she is.  She has average intelligence, a strong desire to succeed and has made a lot of friends along the way.  It appears that she possesses a lack of confidence in her abilities in some areas of her life. Why? Even she does not know because she has succeeded in making above average income, had the necessary business advantages that a lot of people do not have and has experience success in so many aspects of her career.   She has actually had success but it seems it has never been enough and for the most part not even recognized how much success she has had to begin with. It seems that she is always searching for the right job, the right salary, the right house to live in, the right city and the right excuse for her making so many changes.  Some good changes and some not so good and some a complete failure or let's say, some that she might have been better off without making and lessons learned seemed just too hard.

She often had the tendency to live in the moment; not thinking about the day when her life could change drastically nor when she might not have the same opportunities.  When I asked this person what she had missing,  she could not specifically tell me.  There is a list of reasons which could have influenced her decisions and actions, but even when she had a few wake up calls,  she was unable to recognize that she needed to change something within her life.  Now, later in her life she feels distraught, angry and completely displeased with her life and mainly for the repeated behaviors which is now causing frustrations which could have been simply altered.  She could not see the need for change.

Does this sound familiar?  For so many it does and this is why it is so important to realize that no one is perfect.  No one lives their life through without at some point needing to step back and take a long hard look at their life.  Humans have a tendency to overlook the not so smart things in our own lives but judge others for making the exact same mistakes. 

Therefore we keep a watchful eye!

"Wisdom is the ability to see our own reactions to life may be an endangerment to our future.  It is knowing that even sunshine burns if you get too much and that we must act proficiently, cautiously and with great thought to every decision we make in our life."

It also mean... "Knowing When We Need to Change."
Linda Todd


Monsieur Return said...

Living in the moment is good ... as long as we enjoy that moment.

Olivier Wagner said...

"Knowing When We Need to Change."


Linda said...

Monsieur Return, That is so true but facing the moment even though it may not be exactly what we want; helps us face things thereafter.

Thank you for stopping by to read and comment.

Linda said...

Olivier true...knowing when we need to change...sometimes we overlook our own need to change and judge others, don't we? Thanks so much for stopping by to read and comment. I appreciate it so much.