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Life Coaching- Finding What Works

Finding what works.....

Getting unstuck is one thing but 'Finding What Works' and an alternative to what has been causing you dissatisfaction in your life is another ballgame. However, it can be done!  If you have decided that you are not unhappy with yourself, but you are unhappy with the satisfaction that your life brings; let's see where we reach for these ideas, and how to Find What Works better.

You have been living your life in the same outline, format or same old, same old way, and you need a life, it is understandable. You think you need a change for the better. There are ways and solutions to finding out what will give you momentum and be encouraging.  It is probably a good idea to make a list of what is boring you to death and decide what isn't working.  What can you do to make it better? 

Any routine that we do day after day, year after year can make life boring. When we are looking for something to make life work better, be more significant, meaningful and fun; we have to measure what we are doing now.  Whether it be our home life, our career, our spiritual self or anything else that needs some adjustment. It may not necessarily be what we are doing.  It may be how we are doing it, or what we are not doing also.  We have to work at finding what works better. 

Take a challenge

Go find yourself a four leaf is fun and relaxing!
  • Start taking the kids to school by going a different route.  Find another route to work. 
  • Prepare a different recipe for dinner. 
  • Instead of buying the same old things at the grocery; try new recipes for an entire week. 
  • Get enthusiastic about every detail of your life and try working on ways to improve what seems unchallenged, and a bore.
  • Plan a surprise time for your spouse that isn't routine.
  • Guys, are giving your spouse a quick kiss before you leave for work?
  • Surprise your wife and take her on a weekend event, just the two of you.
  • Guys, don't be messy in the bathroom, surprise her by picking up your dirty clothes...ha ha
  • Do some exercise for an hour with a hot shower and time alone afterwards.
  • Change your bed with fresh linens and put a candle by your bed,and read some chapters in a motivational book before going to sleep.
  • Take time out to be thankful for your many blessings because we all have them as there are many others who are less fortunate than we might be.

If work is boring, maybe it is time to take a look at where you stand at work
  • Are you in the position you want to stay at? 
  • Have you given your best and progressed to the level that best suites you? You must Know How To Find Your Own Success.  
  • Are you challenged at work? 
  • Have you met your full potential?
  • Would you like to have a promotion? 
  • What can you do to change where you are at work that is so boring.  Enthusiasm is key to being satisfied at work. 
  • Are you anxious to get to work and perform each day?  
  • Are you thinking about something else while you are at work? 
Find out what you can do about any of these questions that may be negative,and start the process of changing what is possible. If you want that promotion, make sure you are qualified, and reach for those stars. If you have not reached that full potential, review why, and start with a process to change it, and be everything you are meant to be.

At home let the work go, dwell on family, take care of self, and never let someone at home suffer the consequences of what is bothering you at work.  If you have your mind on your personal life at work, your employer is taking the heat. Be in the moment, fine the satisfaction you need and live successfully.

Make priorities, however do not let them rule your life, take time for you. People know what should be most important.  If we have trouble at home, it is hard to accomplish our task at work, however work can be an outlet to conquer stressed feelings, and get it off your mind until you can do something about it. 

Give your best to whatever you are having difficulty with. When we putting ourselves into whatever we are doing, we will naturally have better results.  Be in the now, work in the now, and live your everyday life in the moment. Think about the very minute you are in.  

You cannot add to or take away anything about your life from yesterday, however you can make changes and find what works to bring about a balance of satisfaction for all of your life.

Do What Works,    

Linda Todd
Till we meet again, have a glorious day!

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