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Life Coach - Taking Responsibility

It seems to be easier to play the blame game in most of life's situations, rather than taking responsibility for our own actions and this is what this post about  Life Coach- Taking Responsibility is about.

Taking the blame for our actions; gives us more creditability!!!!

It usually sounds somewhat like this; It is totally not my fault.  I would not have acted as I did; if so and so and so.  I would have done things differently if so and so had not pushed me to.  I am not totally to blame as I acted out of hurt.  If they had only listened to me...if I had only felt loved, if only I had been richer, more beautiful and if, if, and if.

I am not one to sugar-coat....much.  So, here it is, as softly as I can say it.  All humans are responsible for their actions at all times.  Not they, him, her, or anyone else.  Sorry, but I cannot think of any other way to say this and it is probably the best, because we each must take our own actions seriously and know that only we can make the difference in how we feel in the end.  In short, it makes us look weak, when we are unable to react to the things that bring us change.  We are responsible for what we eat, what we wear, what we drive, what we live in and yes, how we act. 

Controlling our actions and responses...not always easy...but...

Controlling our actions and our responses is not always easy, I will acknowledge that without much thought.  I too, have a problem sometimes with making sure my responses and actions are reviewed by others as having,  "Emotional Intelligence".   It is part of personal growth and acknowledging that we and only we are responsible for our emotional reactions.

Life is just is...

Yes, life is not always fair and I don't think that I have ever heard anyone say that it is. This is the part that we have no control over.  This is the part that we could say,  if life had not thrown me a curve.  But, everyone has curves and it is not appropriate to blame life because it we must live it; with hope.  We are going to have our feelings hurt, and lose someone we love before our time expires.  Everyone is not going to like us or think we are grand.  It just doesn't work that way; nor was it meant to be that way.  We may have our discomforts of life; we will have pain, illness and sometimes disaster but we still have a choice of how we respond to these kinds of things.  We can't blame, anyone; it is life. 

The Solutions...

I empathize and I do understand how we can get off tract with our actions and responses to our life.  Yes, it is pretty much human to want to blame others or things which are not going well for us, when we get hurt and react inappropriately.  Let me just say this; nothing can change some things, absolutely nothing.  Only time heals some things and that is not an isolated discovery that I have privy to.

When we become aware that while we live in a world of what is sometimes chaos,  we can still make peace within our lives by being conscious of how we let life situations influence our reactions and responses.  We cannot be unfair to ourselves and let our emotions take over and we can learn more when we are willing to stay healthy and Take Responsibility for our everyday actions.  Life Coaching can always help, if we let it.

Linda Todd

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