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Emotional Intelligent

We do not have to guess which face is associated with EI
There is nothing that is more desirable than to be Emotionally Intelligent.  This post is going to help us figure out what we need to do to accomplish more of this in our life. 

There are those people whom we are acquainted with either on the job, at Church, where we shop, and sometimes a friend who seem to have their ducks in a row, so to speak. But, let's say it intelligently. People who seem to have it all together and stay calm, cool, and collected all the time, have somewhere and at some time; found out how to be emotionally intelligent.

These are people that other people like to confide in, talk to, and work with, because they are great listeners and supporters. They know how to react or should I say; not to react, when someone else might fall over laughing or roll their eyeballs in disgust; if something other than the ordinary occurs.  They know how to calm others who are frightened, upset and worried; they simply know what to say, how to say it and when to say it or when not to say anything.

Gee, it just seems like we should all be born with this wonderful virtue and be so together. Well, just in case you have not noticed; we aren't all born with as much of emotional intelligence as we what is sometimes needed to weather life.

It is determined that these people are true to themselves, and review themselves as honestly as they do others. They have an ability to make wise decisions and know when they should listen to their inner self for decisions.  They have the ability to take criticism well and when they do receive it; it is clear they know when and how to use it to their advantage and help improve themselves even more.

Who does this kind of person sound like to you, a guidance counselor, a teacher, a doctor, or a psychologist someone who is going to specialize in helping others?  Not necessarily, these titles specifically, nope; this is for anyone who wants to be a better person and become more successful.

Emotional Intelligence is beginning to be a part of professional success in the work place. Companies want a leader, or a person, who is mindful of their employees. Interviews now include tools to determine if the company wants to hire the individual based upon the emotional intelligence.

Decision makers affect the bottom line of any company.  If the right decisions are not made at the right time and in a decisive manner, something is going to fall short and it can make or break a company.   If you think exclusively about the above qualities; all leaders should possess these attributes. 

 From looking into this key component to hiring successful performers, it is noted that emotional intelligence is as important to the company as technical abilities and therefore when looking to improve our personal performances; this should be a part of it. 

There are other attributes which are evident for the Emotionally Intelligent person.  It seems in reviewing different information on this subject that people in the work place love to work with this person because they are positive, they are great in a team environment.

Emotionally intelligent individuals know how to handle stress, and do not make rash decisions.They have the ability to make decisions for the betterment of the company; not impulsive decisions.In fact they do not make decisions on a flash.They take their time and they weigh the odds and make sound decisions.They do not get angry or upset in stressful situations.They have the ability to look at the problem and find a way to fix it. They are excellent decision makers and they know when those "gut" feelings are right. They have integrity, and loyalty in all situations which is always necessary for employment in any field.

Emotionally Intelligent individuals are usually successful with most things they do. They work so well with others in that they promote everyone, not just themselves. They want the team to perform with excellence, and they are highly productive themselves; not waiting on someone else to do the work. These people love challenges and feel excited about performance. They enjoy making other individuals feel good about themselves; they do not need for someone to give them the glory of a job well done. The job must be done and they know that a team effort is better than a one man show.

When broken down, it seems it all falls into these categories:
  • Self -Awareness is key component
  • Self-Regulation 
  • Motivation
  • Empathy
 They know themselves very well. In other words their emotions do not rule them; they rule their emotions. they are controlled and have the ability to know how their actions affect others.

Join our conversation about Emotional Intelligence....we look forward to hearing from you!!! What is your boss like?

Linda Todd

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