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Life Coaching- Still Stuck

S T I L L   S T U C K.....Life Coaching- Still Stuck

The last post asked the question, "Are You Stuck?"  I feel that we probably need to address some issues that arise when we are stuck and simply do not realize it.

Every now and then it would be rather important that we listen to our inner voice to see if we are in tune with what we are doing and where we are going or if we are stuck in our own little world.  It is so easy to get stuck in a rut and we grow totally comfortable, yet seemingly unfulfilled.  Our life is okay but we just aren't doing anything worthwhile it seems.  We don't know where to start or know what we need to make things better and in fact we just seem to be frozen where we are.  We seem hopelessly stuck where we are and actually feel we don't have anything to tap into, to change things.  How do we begin and what do we need to do?  We are tired of this finally, but we can't find the answer....We can't do this, we can't do that, all because we do not know what to do, but we are lacking .....something.

Sounds to me like this person, whom ever they are is needing some good old bona fied courage to take a look at  the following:

  • exactly what in your life is working

  • what is not working

  • what is fulfilling and works like a clock

  • what is not fulfilling that you have to do

  • what are your accomplishments

  • what would you like to accomplish

  • what do you want to feel

  • what is most important

  • who is most important

  • why are you feeling deprived

  • is there a chance that you are just bored

  • do you need to change your routine

  • what is your biggest issue

  • has it always been an issue

  • what is making it an issue

  • do you just need a vacation

  • how do you propose to change things

  • do you have any ideas how to change things

  • only you can figure out with the help of someone who is not attached to your situation; what it  is that needs alteration
I would say that you are Stuck in your own little conforming world and need to pry yourself from the rubble of the disaster.  You appear to have made the rules, and you stick to those rules and have this fear that if you do otherwise you might be in deep despair.  Yet, you are unfulfilled because you aren't living your life to the fullest...maybe....

Having certain parameters to follow is not all bad because it takes discipline of sorts to manage a family, a career, taking care of yourself and possibly aging parents.  If some of this is somehow screwed up, you need to figure out what it is and change course. 

What are the priorities

This is what they should be....
  • your spiritual self  -if you are not in touch with your own inner soul-spirit, you cannot be in tune with what you need otherwise for even your family
  • your family, children and husband, your parents
  • your career
Breaking this down a bit you have to know yourself.  You can't be in touch with your spiritual self, your soul if you do not know who you are and we have talked about this earlier.  We seem to get caught up in making everybody else happy so we have to decide if we are happy and try to eliminate that problem, one step at a time and then we can see what else is wrong.  If you are not happy with "you" you must know why.  When you get yourself to the happy stage, you can then see clearly to define what it is that you need to do to change the rut in your life.

This part of Life Coaching is essential to growth...get out of the rut or from between something that is dragging you down. You are worth more than you know and you need to get busy!!! Come-on....

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