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Life Coach- Are you Stuck?

We all get stuck, just like the Kitty. There is help!
Intelligently, I hope, I am going to ask you if you are stuck?  In this session of Life Coach - Are you Stuck; you probably need time to think about it for a moment, so please do.  What I mean by this is; are you living your life on automatic, routine and without even knowing what you are doing minute to minute? You are going about your life as if you know it by heart and you probably do, but what could you be missing?   If you are...let's get unstuck!  Of course if you are happy while being stuck....then you are happy and do not need anyone to tell you otherwise.

What are some ways that we can be stuck in our life and not even recognize it?  Okay, let's see....
  • you are in the habit of making wrong decisions
  • you are in the habit of being negative
  • you are in the habit of being too nice
  • you are in the habit of not taking care of yourself; mentally and physically
  • you are in the habit of being in a bad mood
  • you are in the habit of pretending you are happy
  • you are in the habit of "always" pleasing everybody else
  • you are in the habit of not letting yourself need anything
  • you are in the habit of keeping your emotions inside
  • you are in the habit of failing yourself......
We could very well name a hundred or more of these habit that we humans get into and that is why we are stuck.  We do it for so long and we then we think it is a natural state and if anybody questions it...they are crazy. 

Let's start with making decisions and how those might be playing out in your life.  If you are continually making everybody but you are continually making bad decisions.  Life is not totally about pleasing the world and forgetting about yourself and for that matter; how can you help anyone else if you are neglecting yourself and your needs.  Your first stop daily should be you.  Even if you have to get up in the morning 30 minutes early to read or exercise and that means, exercising your mind, body and soul.  If you are not in harmony with your full self which includes your spiritual self; you don't know who you are fully and you don't know where you are headed.  Yes, you have a soul and  it is the part that tells us if when we are making a mistake or that give you a quirky feeling when we some level we lie...if no more than to our self.

We women have a tendency to pretend that everything is alright whether it is or not...habit..trying to please because it improper to act ugly or not like a lady.  Stop pretending that all is well if it is not.  It is not making you healthy. Someday it will show up as an ulcer or something else.  You can still be ladylike and voice your opinions and concerns.  In a relationship; it takes two to work at it and I just read a quote that fit is so well...."a journey (life) is like a marriage, a certain way to be wrong is to think you control it."  John Steinbeck..... that would be any one's  first mistake.  Marriage, raising children, managing older parents, managing finances and managing the home period...takes unity and both partners.  I am not a martyr and neither should you be.  Being saintly would be okay if we lived in this perfect world, but we are not in the Garden of Eden...

Keeping our feelings and emotions inside may make you look stronger than everybody else but I am a firm believer that doing this habitually will bring actions and accountability, in one way or another. When we hide our true feelings we harbor resentment and resentment can turn into much harsher things like disgust and maybe grudges that are not being settled. 

We all get stuck and simply put; it is not the place to be if we are to achieve what we want in life and that is a fulfilled life.  Not anyone can or should forget about who they are or their own basic needs to survive only for someone else.  No one is suppose to believe we are here to serve others all the time, no question for in serving others we also reap rewards beneficial to our being, but on the other hand, we can't forget how to live for ourselves and maintain an appropriate balance of the good life for us.  Taking a walk is not selfish, spending 15 minutes of down time is not selfish, writing in a journal is not selfish.  Believing you are worth it is not selfish. 

There are many ways to be can be in professional life, our personal life and in our spiritual life.  It can be that we do not even realize it so we take a look at how we are living and we review the status quo to see if we need to break loose and get unstuck. This is progression in Life Coaching.

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