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Life and Coaching

Life and Coaching;  what is it about life that needs so much coaching to begin with?  We will asks the question why is it that we super humans cannot manage our life without someone telling us what we should or should not do?  That, is probably your question; if you are only reading this without searching for someone to help you sort out things. This work or study is similar to personal growth and personal development which goes hand in hand with Life and Coaching.

Life Coaching is not really about someone telling anyone what to do.  First of all a participant must already believe there is a need to have another individual; mentor, listen, ask questions, point out, learn about them, and study with them. This could mean they make a plan of action for them or help them help themselves in whatever it is that they are seeking to accentuate in their life.  Be it a relationship, extended family issue, a job challenge, a religious issue, or a decision which could alter ones life drastically.  Then of course, there are other rolls in which a Life Coach could play as long as there is a plan of action to help progress to the final results.  Life Coaching does not have to be continuous, it can be at intervals or a period, a break and then another period.  It depends upon the progress and what outcome is expected.

Seeking, wanting or needing Life Coaching does not make anyone weak, incapable of helping themselves or without psychological abilities; it can means that one is needing an additional party to tune into their behavior patterns to see from the outside looking in.  It can mean they need a non-biased party to tell them what they see that might be disabling their potential of living life fuller.

All humans seem to live life in a hurry and actually sometimes they are not really living; they are in automatic mode and do not think about what they are doing on a minute to minute basis or even hour to hour.  We are sometimes muddling through our life without using our full brain power; and in fact studies show that we use less than 25% of it.  What does that tell us?  It tells me that if I am to make my life more comfortable, and help myself achieve my highest self; my full potential, then I may need to sit down and take an assessment of my comings and goings to see what I have been missing on a daily basis. It means that I might be able to look within myself to find more reliable ways to make life more meaningful which might include any issues I may have with my relationships, family, work or play.

We have learned behaviors which are automatic and we do not even realize sometimes that we are acting, and going about life as we are.  The learned behaviors could be keeping us from enjoying the moment; remember in Life Coaching we do not go back to the past we are dealing with the present and finding remedies for the future.

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