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Life Decisions - What Is The Best Approach?

Life decisions can change a life for better or for worse. When you look back on your life, the art is knowing the choices you made; were not made with emotional desires but with a meticulous thought process.

Seeking A Life Coach or Counseling Does Not Make A Person Weak

A Life Coach is standing by to help you up
Why is it often hard for an adult to seek Coaching Help, or counseling? Some have the idea that it makes them look like a weak person. The real reason is they want to fix things themselves, and then no one will know. Notice this states, some people. Coaching, counseling, or just someone who can give you an opportunity to talk, and listen to yourself, often cures many ills within one’s life. Seeking a Life Coach or counseling does not make a person weak.

Finding the right person to talk to is a sign of wisdom, and is a way to get relief for your inward confusion. Very often friends or family cannot be objective. They have their own ideas of what is good for you instead of letting you make your own wise decisions.

Life Coaching-Starting Over

Some times even when it is not the beginning of a new year, we decide that we need to start over.  Life is just that way and be it a new year or just a new beginning, we leave something behind and we begin the process of starting over.  I think the big question is, what do we bring along with us in our efforts to let the past go?  How do we move on in a graceful way without bring the baggage with us?


One’s life is usually not perfect by any means, but it can be resourceful, artful, ingenious, inventive, and successful if we believe in ourselves and start at a young age developing our confidence. We must believe we are here for a purpose, a goal, an invention, and to give of ourselves to humanity. 

We must know that if we do not have confidence in our own abilities; no one else will.  Balance is key.  If we are confident, we are sure of one thing, we know who we are and what we are working so hard for.

Life Coaching- Starting Today No Procrastination

 In this session of Life Coaching; Starting Today- No Procrastination is acceptable to fully enjoy life as it should be for all.  When we put the brakes on, for whatever reason, we are missing out on more accomplishments.

Life Coaching - What is it About?

There is not anyone who is without "life" things which come our way 24 hours of everyday. Not any of us are immune to having issues that bring us wonder, resistance, confusion and that is simply the facts. Most of us need someone at some point to talk to. That is what "Life Coaching" is all about.

Life Coaching -Getting Yourself Motivated

You are the only person who can motivate you, so here we are going to talk about Getting Yourself Motivated.  There are questions we need to ask and of course answers you will need to search your heart for honestly.

Life Coaching - Forgetting Yesterday

 This Blog is about Life Coaching- to become a better You!

In today's lesson; Life Coaching - Forgetting Yesterday, we need to remind ourselves that yesterday is gone; flat out gone, and it will not be back again. Usually!  If what left yesterday comes back; let's hope it is to your best advantage.  It is up to us to forget yesterday, the loss, and those precious memories and keep on moving.  Move on to what; my life ruined and I don't want anything but what I had; I will never have it again, poor me.... blah, blah, blah.....