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Living Your Life Consciously

There is nothing more profound than to write from the soul. My version of writing from the soul is when I open my computer and start keying in the words straight into the blog. No word document, no notepad, or anything else. Just start typing away. This is how I started this post, and today this post is  about Living Your Life Consciously.

Can We Transform The Mind?

"When we pull back and get, for a moment, the "bird's eye" view of life, it reveals meanings that are ungraspable by the narrow focus on our usual worm's eye view." by: Colin Wilson

Life Decisions - What Is The Best Approach?

Life decisions can change a life for better or for worse. When you look back on your life, the art is knowing the choices you made; were not made with emotional desires but with a meticulous thought process.

Seeking A Life Coach or Counseling Does Not Make A Person Weak

A Life Coach is standing by to help you up
Why is it often hard for an adult to seek Coaching Help, or counseling? Some have the idea that it makes them look like a weak person. The real reason is they want to fix things themselves, and then no one will know. Notice this states, some people. Coaching, counseling, or just someone who can give you an opportunity to talk, and listen to yourself, often cures many ills within one’s life. Seeking a Life Coach or counseling does not make a person weak.

Finding the right person to talk to is a sign of wisdom, and is a way to get relief for your inward confusion. Very often friends or family cannot be objective. They have their own ideas of what is good for you instead of letting you make your own wise decisions.

Learning To Listen

Listening skills are necessary to become the person that everyone wants to talk to. People love the advice of those who listen to what they have to say. When a person listens without interruption, it is profound wisdom and listening skills.


The empowerment process in Life Coaching is dependent upon two things. One, empowerment indicates that power can change. If power cannot change, and if it is basic in positions or people, then empowerment is not possible.

Therefore, if power can change, then empowerment is possible. Two, this is the idea that empowerment is dependent upon expanding. This is our common experiences of power rather than how we think about power. We must learn in Life Coaching -Empowerment the two differences before we can have it.

Anger Management Series

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What is the ugly truth about the emotion that we often have which gives us so much trouble? Anger is that emotion and our mission is to show how this emotion can and often gets out of control and needs anger management.
Some humans have a switch that only need a little punch at a certain time, with certain issues and reasons. They can go into orbit like a cyclone, while others do not flaunt this emotion and take it within but puffing up and going silent.

Self-Love -Self Forgiveness

Grab yourself some self-love and let us talk about learning to love and forgive yourself.

Here Are Some Facts

  • Do you love yourself?

Fact:  If you do not love yourself, no one else is going to either. It is a necessity to love, and respect that which is within you. It is something special, you are the only one who has it, and you must love yourself.